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Is “Going Electronic” Actually Greener?

According to a wildlife conservation biologist going paperless may not be the “greenest” option. Research done by Dr. Fred Bercovitch proves that as our society continues to go paperless, there is a huge ecological footprint.  We may think that we are helping the environment by using our tablets, computers and phones instead of paper, but…

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Paper Grows Trees!

There are many misconceptions about paper destroying the environment because it “kills trees”. What if we told you that was not technically the case? In this Blog we will discuss the importance of growing trees for the purpose of making paper, as well as the actual length of time it takes for trees to grow…

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The Perks of Direct Mail

Some may think that snail mail is outdated, however there are many reasons why that is not exactly the case. Snail mail offers many benefits that emails just cannot accomplish. In this blog there will be discussion of reasons why companies may want to reconsider how they market themselves. There are some times when snail…

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Victor Envelope Expands With New Large Format Digital Printer


We have expanded again! Victor Envelope Company now offers a high speed, high resolution UV flatbed that is ideal for short and long run graphic displays. Perfect for P.O.P displays, banners, window clings, name plates, and floor graphics. This new Acuity® Advance HS X2 inkjet printer offers the highest quality output on a wide format…

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Why Print Marketing is Effective in a Digital Era


On the Internet, there is an unlimited amount of content to distract the audience from your brand. With print marketing, there is less content and thus you have a greater chance of connecting with the audience to your brand, according to An International Communications Research survey, 73% of consumers said they preferred to receive…

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Print is Not Dead. Print and Direct Mail Marketing Will Thrive for Marketers Due to Facebook Reach Decline


Studies by “Inside Facebook” show that organic reach, or “unpaid” advertising, on Facebook decreased more than 40 percent. Facebook has changed the algorithm because the user experience on the site is suffering and their investors are concerned. Today, in order for brands and marketers to reach as many fans as before, Facebook urges marketers to…

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Postmaster General Says “Marketers Are Giving Mail A Fresh Look.”


Patrick Donahoe, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the Postal Service, recently talked about the future for print and direct mail in his keynote speech in Washington on March 16, 2014. In his own words he states, “mail is the most effective channel for driving customers to a retail location and for driving customers…

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Victor Envelope Company Embraces Community Matters

Victor Envelope Company

VICTOR ENVELOPE PRESS RELEASE VICTOR ENVELOPE COMPANY EMBRACES COMMUNITY MATTERS November 11, 2013 VICTOR ENVELOPE COMPANY Bensenville, IL – Victor Envelope Company, specializing in custom envelope manufacturing with unsurpassed delivery times has completed a company-wide charity effort to help troops overseas.  Incorporated in 1959, Victor Envelope has always prided themselves on consistently meeting or exceeding their…

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